The foundation was established by Heinz B., a private person and entrepreneur. He has always been committed to ecological interests, in particular striving to ensure that entrepreneurial interests are in harmony with the interests of nature. In his understanding, people have somewhat lost the awareness of being only a small part of nature.

The foundation should be a vivid example of an alternative perspective of the world. A perspective that gives nature its own value, regardless of whether people perceive this nature or not. A harmony of nature is to be strove for, a balance created in which man is increasingly only a modest, silent guest - a guest who, in this piece of the world, trains himself in the ability to abstain from his urge to intervene and stage himself. With the present regulations, the founder wants to ensure that the board of trustees manages and administers the foundation according to these philosophical principles.

Heinz on Creag nam Bodach, Glen Lochay